Why Are Xootr Scooter Front Forks Angled Backwards?

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Hey Steve. Before I ask my question I just want to say, I love Xootr scooter. Ever since I stopped riding my cheaper, slower, less stable scooter I’ve been spoiled. Once I hopped onto the Xootr it felt like I could glide much farther with less kicks, and had better balance. I heard the the Xootr scooter front forks have been angled backwards on purpose.

My question is, did you angle the Xootr scooter front forks backwards on purpose? And if so what was the reason? Does it help it turn better? Do you have better balance because of it? Why didn’t you use regular bike style forks instead?

Thank you for taking questions from Xootr scooter riders such as myself. You guys are extremely awesome, and I hope you guys keep answering all of our questions.

Either way, I’ll ride nothing but Xootr scooter’s. You keep making them, and I’ll keep buying.



Trust us, it is supposed to be like that and is part of the patented design. The front wheel is swept back to keep the steering stable.

The next time you are at the grocery store check out the wheels on a shopping cart – the design is the same. Bikes have different stresses and head tube angles which effect the steering axis.

That is why a bike’s fork is swept forward. A scooter is different than a bike and we have designed our forks accordingly.

We have actually seen scooters in which the designers just used a basic bike fork design because it looked good to them. We think these other scooters are dangerously unstable.



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