Why Are Xootrs The Best Adult Kick Scooters

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Why are Xootrs the best adult kick scooters? When I first purchased my Xootr MG Scooter over a few years ago, the choice was not easy. I didn’t know much about adult kick scooters, and wasn’t sure how useful they’d be for urban commuting.

And to make the problem worse, the market is flooded with low-quality, less expensive scooters. For the new adult kick scooter commuter, it will seem like they’re all the same.

While comparing the lower prices of these scooters to the Xootrs, it’s easy to be tempted to buy a much cheaper version from somewhere else?

But don’t be fooled. These cheap kick scooters will ride like crap. And not hold up to the daily abuse of commuting.

Why are Xootrs the highest quality kick scooters on the market?

Endorsed by many customers and publications, Xootr scooters are known as the Rolls Royce of adult kick scooters.

Xootr takes great pride in the quality, design and materials that are implemented into their scooters. They wanted to show what makes Xootr the best of the best, by letting the Xootr kick scooter speak for itself.

So, lets get started by highlighting each component of the Xootr Kick Scooter, pointing out what exactly makes it the best on the market.

Xootr parts

Each part on a Xootr kick scooter was developed with great attention to detail, and practical design. Extensive testing. And a genuine passion to make the Xootr the worlds best adult kick scooter.

Xootr scooter wheels

The most important part of the Xootr kick scooter are the wheels. An adult kick scooter is only as good as the quality of the ride that it offers.

Front wheel of the Xootr MG Scooter.
Front wheel of the Xootr MG Scooter.

Xootr believes that their scooter wheels are unmatched in both performance and strength. And from experience, I have to agree with them.

In order to optimize performance, Xootr wheels consist of polyurethane tires molded around light-weight, yet incredibly strong aluminum centers.

Xootr Scooter’s dedicated engineers spent countless hours developing the perfect blend of polyurethane to maximize both speed and durability.

Xootrs wheels offer the lowest rolling resistance of any small-wheeled vehicle, making Xootr kick scooter wheels the best available.

In addition to the low rolling resistance, the larger size of their wheels (180 mm) allow them to handle bumps and obstacles like the champion of design that they are.

Xootr scooter decks

After the wheels, the next kick scooter part that Xootr feels puts their scooters head and shoulders above the competition is the deck.

Walking is similar to Xootr Kick Scooting. It requires comfortable, flexible sneakers with a grippy sole. It sure is amazing being a Xootr scooter brand ambassador.
Walking is similar to Xootr Kick Scooting. It requires comfortable, flexible sneakers with a grippy sole. It sure is amazing being a Xootr scooter brand ambassador.

Xootr scooter decks vary in shape, size, and material because they feel that each customer has different needs and tastes in aesthetics.

Despite the variety of decks that they offer, each of their decks is made with the same dedication to quality.

From their birch wood Ultra Cruz model, to their CNC machined, solid aluminum Xootr Street. All Xootr decks are built to handle anything life might throw at them.

Also, they collaborate with the world-renowned design firm Lunar Design, producing a modern, stylish and practical deck.

This is especially important to them, as they see the deck as the part that contributes the most to the Xootrs overall aesthetics and practicality.

Xootr scooter chassis

The Chassis, the foundation upon which the deck rests, is vital to the structural integrity of the kick scooter.

Of all the kick scooter parts, the chassis has to be designed and built to take a beating,

For this reason, Xootr scooter decks rest on CNC machined, solid aluminum rails. This allows the Xootr scooter to handle anything it may travel over.

Xootr scooter brakes

Another kick scooter part that Xootr has optimized is the brakes.

Xootrs hand brake.
Xootrs hand brake.

For performance and safety reasons, Xootr felt that the brakes were a fundamental element of what makes a Xootr the ultimate scooting machine.

The standard Xootr scooter brake is a BMX lever which triggers a brake pad on the front wheel. This allows the Xootr scooter to stop safely.

Xootr scooter accessories

In addition to the stock features, Xootr offers several kick scooter accessories.

This provides their customers with a more enjoyable riding experience.

Their most popular kick scooter accessory is their fender kit. This easy to install, kick scooter accessory consists of an anti-slip nylon shield for your rear wheel.

This fender provides two benefits during riding. It stops mud and debris from flying up onto your clothes. And it features an aluminum brake under the shield.

Back wheel of the Xootr MG Scooter.
Back wheel of the Xootr MG Scooter.

NOTE: To engage the brake, press down on the fender with your foot while riding.

With the Fender Kit installed, your Xootr has both front and rear brakes. This provides you with a superior level of control while stopping.

The end of why Xootrs are the best adult kick scooters

By obsessing over the the quality of their kick scooter parts, Xootrs detail oriented approach enabled them to design a superior product.

While other companies cut corners, Xootr takes painstaking efforts to constantly improve their scooters.

Their success is a result of many years of experience and outstanding customer service.

Xootrs constant pursuit of designing the worlds best adult kick scooters is what drives this group of passionate designers.

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