Xootr.com: The Best Adult Kick Scooters!

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The first time I saw Xootr scooters reviewed on a video from the once famous NYCEWheels, I was instantly intrigued and impressed. Xootr has been making the best adult kick scooters since 1999. I decided on a Xootr Mg scooter because I think the deck made out of Magnesium is the best looking deck that Xootr offers on their scooters. Xootr offers six different models of scooters. The Xootr Mg, Xootr Cruz, Xootr Dash – Blue, Xootr Dash – Red, Xootr Roma, and Xootr Street, the top scooter that Xootr offers, and I also currently own. Xootr makes it very easy to order their scooters directly from them on their website, Xootr.com.

Xootr.com makes the best adult kick scooters

Started in 1999, Xootr is an adult kick scooter manufacturer located in Old Forge, Pennsylvania. When Xootr was first started, they made their first batches of 24 in a barn located in New Hampshire. The six different models of adult kick scooters that they currently offer aren’t much different than the first models they initially designed. Everything from the wheel diameter, wheelbase, steering geometry, and deck height are almost identical, except for the hundreds of small improvements they’ve made over the four generations.

Jonathan Kelley recently did a fantastic review, comparing the old Xootr Locking Pin vs Quick-Click Locking Mechanism.

Don’t forget to also check out: Scooting with Jonathan Kelley.

And his website at: JonathanKelley.net.

From personal experience, the new Quick-Click Locking Mechanism on the fourth generation of Xootr scooters is a much improved upgrade.

Xootr scooters are easier and faster to fold

Not only is folding a Xootr scooter faster, it’s also easier, eliminates getting dirt all over your hands, and no more worrying about losing the pin. If you lose the pin, your scooter is totally unusable.

Xootr no longer sells the locking pins so you’ll have to find one at your local hardware store.

Xootr.com has been shipping scooters since 1999 with the best customer service

After purchasing my Xootr Mg scooter, I quickly found out how seriously they handle their customer service.

My dad purchased a Xootr Mg also, after seeing and being impressed with mine.

Within a few weeks of riding his Xootr Mg, my dads front wheel started to develop chunks of lost rubber.

He immediately called Steve, and two days later, a new wheel arrived at his doorstep. No questions asked! Free of charge!

Since then I’ve gotten to know, and become great friends with Steve. Not only is Steve phenomenal at customer service, he’s also an extremely good friend.

Steve is the most honest, ethical, and moral guy you’ll ever meet. Plus, Xootr scooters is a top-notch product.

After trying various scooters, I have made the choice to only stick to riding Xootr scooters, because they truly do make the best adult kick scooter that money can buy.

Xootr scooters are more durable with a weight capacity of 800 lbs (making them great for heavier adults). Have much better control due to their wheelbase and geometry. Are much better for standing on because of the wide deck. And safer while stopping, because they have a front and back brake.

It’s easy to see why Xootr scooters have been around for so long. Since 1999, they’ve been shipping adult scooters directly to enthusiasts from Xootr.com, because they completely back-up the quality of their scooters 100%.

Even when adult scooter sales from numerous manufacturers were down, Xootr has continued to ship scooters pretty much every day since they launched their first product, for over more than two decades. VERY IMPRESSIVE! WOULDN’T YOU AGREE?

Here's a photo from their first year. A pretty motley crew.
Here’s a photo from their first year. A pretty motley crew.

Xootr scooters has won many design awards

Xootr never predicted they’d win numerous design awards, or go on to make several hundred thousand scooters. And eventually would be precision casting their frames and decks from magnesium. FAST FORWARD TO THE PRESENT, AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID!

During that time, the prices of Xootr scooters has increased, but you still get a lot of quality for your hard-earned money.

Although the Xootr scooter is not cheap, the prices are completely justified, because you get the same unmatched quality as you did when they first started in 1999.

Xootr builds their scooters in their factory in Old Forge, Pennsylvania.

The same core team has been working together for more than 15 years.

They ship right out of the factory, generally the same business day you order. If you need anything, just give them a call from 8am to 5pm ET at (570) 471-7984 or send them a note at [email protected]



To find out more about Xootr scooters go to their website: HERE!

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