Xootr Kick Scooter Dash

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The Xootr kick scooter Dash is Xootr’s newest model in their kick scooter line-up. Some would think that the Xootr Dash is an “entry model” kick scooter, but there’s nothing entry level about it. The Xootr Dash was created when folks would call Steve at Xootr, saying that they wanted the Roma, but couldn’t afford the price. That’s when Steve and the team got together and created the less expensive Dash. Eventually, the Dash became one of the most popular adult kick scooters on the market.

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You’re going to love the Xootr kick scooter Dash. The slim Plastic Resin deck comes in two colors, red or blue. With a super sturdy aluminum frame, it supports a weight capacity up to 800lbs (363 kgs). When not in use, it has folded dimensions of 31.1″ Long x 9.4″ High x 12.6″ Wide (At Handlebar), making it perfect for carrying onto trains, buses, and crowded subways. Just like every other Xootr scooter model, it has the same durability, easy to use QuickClick latch, and fast rolling Utra-low-resistance polyurethane tires. The Xootr Dash is no  “entry level” model by any means.

Quick Summary

  • Weight Capacity: 800lbs. (363 kgs)
  • Folded Dimensions: 31.1″ Long x 9.4″ High x 12.6″ Wide (At Handlebar)
  • Folded Dimensions: 790 mm x 240 mm x 320 mm (At Handlebar)
  • Scooter Weight: 10lbs. (4.5 kg)
  • Handle Bar Height: 25″ to 38″ (635 mm to 965 mm)
  • Wheel Material: Utra-low-resistance polyurethane tires for a super-efficient glide
  • Brakes: Front Braking And Rear Braking
  • Frame Material: Aluminium
  • Handle Bar Width: 12.6″ or 320mm
  • Bearings: Shielded, Self-Lubricating Bearings
  • Deck: Plastic resin

The Xootr kick scooter Dash

This foot scooter is built on top of the same, super strong, aluminum frame structure, capable of holding 800lbs. Making it great for heavier adults.

Xootr kick scooter Dash.
Xootr kick scooter Dash.

It also uses the same large, fast polyurethane wheels as all their other models. The Dash’s deck is made from a stylish looking plastic material that is available in two colors: blue and red. We love the fact that the deck comes in these colors.

Plastic Resin deck

Surprisingly, the plastic deck hasn’t effected how much weight the Xootr Dash can hold. It’s still able to support over 800lbs (363 kgs), thanks to it’s industrial, aircraft grade aluminum chassis.

Xootr kick scooter Dash deck.
Xootr kick scooter Dash deck.

If you love the Roma, you’ll going to feel the same about the Xootr Dash.

Dash dimensions

The Roma and Dash share the same dimensions. When folded, both scooters have dimensions of 31.1″ Long x 9.4″ High x 12.6″ Wide (At Handlebar).

While unfolded, both scooters decks are 4 inches wide (100 mm) and 23.4 inches long (594 mm).

This slim profile is excellent for kicking, as your stroke is positioned very close to the centerline, providing optimal mechanical efficiency.

Carrying the Dash

The Xootr Dash is great for traveling and bringing onto public transportation. You can easily carry the Dash in crowded subways or sardine packed buses. No more worries of hitting other passengers while carrying it, or not fitting between seats or train overhead bins.

When you are done riding it, fold it up, and carry it into tight quarters such as restaurants, shops, offices, etc.

Xootr Carry Strap.
Xootr Carry Strap.

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Traveling with the Xootr Dash

It’s also fantastic for traveling. It easily packs into suitcases or the Xootr Carry Bag.

Xootr Carry Bag.
Xootr Carry Bag.

Watch the video for full details

We have Xootr Carry Bags for each of our Xootr scooters. These Xootr travel bags are excellent for taking your Xootr scooter with you on vacations or business trips, because no one will know you have it, especially airlines and hotels.


Exactly like every other model that Xootr offers in their line-up, the Xootr Dash has the same weight carrying capacity, front and rear brakes, and the same efficient kick and ease of carrying as the Roma model. The main difference it that it weighs less at only 10lbs (4.5 kg).

With it’s longer deck you can fit both feet ‘goofy-style’ (one foot in front of the other) unlike other adult kick scooters such as the Razor A5 Lux, Know-Ped, or Micro.

If you live in a cramped city apartment, often travel in and around crowded areas, or are just looking for the most affordable way to obtain the performance of a Xootr kick scooter, the Dash is for you.



To find out more about Xootr scooters go to their website: HERE!

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