Xootr Scooter Adventure And Genesee Riverway

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It was a Friday afternoon. The different colored leaves were falling off the trees. A definite signal that Fall is rapidly approaching. As I stepped onto my Xootr Mg scooter, I couldn’t help but imagine how this Xootr scooter adventure would turn out.

The beginning of this journey started out flat. Three pushes with my left foot, followed by three pushes with my right foot. All it took was six scoots and I was gliding down the slight decline that was not too far off from being flat. Yet still, it felt like the Xootr scooter was going to keep rolling on forever.

When Xootr says that their scooters glide faster and longer than any other small wheeled mode of transportation, they weren’t kidding.

I waved back to my neighbors, with one asking if I race my Xootr scooter, which I replied that I just ride it.

Cautiously down the hill after the long, flat glide

After the long, flat glide that was over within minutes, there’s a decent sized hill that provides a fast descent. It’s not that this is the longest or steepest hill, but the Xootr scooter rolls so fast that I have to be careful with my speed. One large stone or crack and I could be tumbling forward with nothing to stop me but a face smash on the cement.

To prevent any accidents, I lean backwards slightly to put my weight onto the back wheel. I gently tap the back brake, followed by the front brake. These gentle taps are done frequently but only for a few seconds at a time to prevent the brakes from overheating and failing.

Once I get to the bottom of the hill, I usually have to wait at a crosswalk signal, which is no big deal. When I’m riding the Xootr scooter I like to take my time. Observe the scenery around me, and have fun with the slower, relaxing pace that my two folding bikes (my 2-speed Brompton and Tern Link D8) don’t always provide.

The first stop on this Xootr scooter adventure… a path made out of abandoned railroad tracks that are long gone

As we approached the old path that has been created out of abandoned railroad tracks that are long gone, I signaled to my dad who had been following me the whole time on his Dahon Speed P8, to stop.

I explained that I had to take some photos for my good friend, Jonathan Kelley, who lives in California.

Every Thursday, Mr Kelley sends us phenomenal photos along with an amazing adventure that he does on his Xootr Mg scooter. Mr Kelley has motivated me to start using my Xootr scooter a lot more, especially after putting my folding bikes away for the winter months.

Xootr Mg scootr leaned on the sign where the old path where the railroad tracks use to be.
Xootr Mg scootr leaned on the sign where the old path where the railroad tracks use to be.

While snapping this photo along with the rest on this Xootr scooter adventure with my iPhone, I couldn’t help but remember the railroad tracks that once existed here.

At one time you could hear the freight trains coming from miles away, even though you couldn’t see them. The security gates would come down, and traffic would be backed up as drivers had to patiently wait for the train to pass.

Now, many years later, all that’s left is gravel where all the tracks have been removed. But at least it provides many miles of path that cyclists, walkers and the occasional dirt bike rider can use without the fear of dealing with traffic.

A small incline to Veterans Memorial Bridge

From the moment we left the abandoned path, the street gradually started to incline. This required frequent, short kicks on the Xootr scooter in order to keep from getting tired.

After successfully making it past the inclined road, we went past the downhill sidewalk that looks like it hasn’t been maintained in decades, to the Veterans Memorial Bridge.

Every time we go across the Veterans Memorial Bridge, we are met with scattered glass and other debris that could possibly slice through bicycle tires like butter.

Fortunately, the Xootr scooter has solid tires that cannot get flats, but still provides a bumpy ride while crossing the bridge.

We decided to walk until we got to the other side where there’s steps leading to a pedestrian bridge that crosses the expressway.

Comparing the size difference between the Dahon Speed P8 and Xootr Mg scooter.
Comparing the size difference between the Dahon Speed P8 and Xootr Mg scooter.

I decided to take a photo of the contrast between the size of the Dahon Speed P8 and the Xootr scooter. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

Discovering Genesee Riverway

That’s when we decided to see if we could find another way to cross the river, rather than always dodging glass and debris every time we crossed the Veterans Memorial Bridge.

After a slight detour around Maplewood pond, we saw a green sign that looked like a pedestrian path.

Xootr scooter leaned up against sign before entering Genesee Riverway.
Xootr scooter leaned up against sign before entering Genesee Riverway.

Genesee Riverway.
Genesee Riverway.

What was first a gamble, turned out to be a great Xootr scooter adventure. It was Genesee Riverway, which crosses the Genesee River and heads back towards where I live.

Surprisingly, it was much busier than we expected. Lot’s of pedestrians were walking along this bridge, requiring us to slow down in order to maintain distance. But overall, it was a great path.

Lots of leaves.
Lots of leaves.

A smooth path.
A smooth path.

Of course I had to be careful gliding down the ramp which was littered with leaves. But once I got to the bottom and cleared the leaves, the rest of the path was smooth and clear.

Once we rode to the other side, walked up another ramp, we were back to riding on smooth, traffic free streets.

What was originally supposed to be a 4 mile trip, turned into 6 miles instead. But it was well worth it, especially the coffee after an awesome Xootr scooter ride.

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